We offer professional services to your company by our staff full of electrical-electronic engineers:

Special to your company, we provide professional project drawing services for your entire team, such as electrical panel, control / automation panel, 2D panel design, 3D panel design, automatic wiring, field electrical installation / panning, hydraulic / pneumatic drawing.

Whether you are the end user operating a plant or an electrical or automation system manufacturer, or even a machine builder. We set up a QR code system specific to your projects and make it work seamlessly and free of charge on mobile devices. Moreover, neither you nor your customer/supplier need to have a WSCAD license for this.

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We digitize your old projects in fixed PDF format, which cannot be revised, or in many different formats in accordance with Industry 4.0. We deliver the raw (editable) files of your projects and, if you wish, their enhanced versions with modern applications such as QR codes.

Even if there are no projects of your panels installed in the field, we come to your site to explore and design all the panels you want. We deliver the raw (editable) files of your projects and, if you wish, their improved versions with modern applications such as QR code.

We design the electrical distribution and control/automation systems you have in mind with our technical team of electrical-electronics engineers, all of whom have project experience.

You might have a design software, but if you do not have the manpower or time to set up the infrastructure it means very little. Let us solve this for you. Our team, that has proven itself with many services provided internationally and has high experience in e-CAD software, offers you the data and valuable work that will shorten the project period. We provide symbol, material, partial circuit (macro) drawings with rich data content that you can use with one click. In addition, if you wish, we can provide services such as designing special cover / letterheads for your company, and also create special reports and ERP integration structures.

We provide tailor-made software that you need specifically for your company. Inventory system with barcode reader, HMI interface specific to your machine, data matrix personnel registration / attendance system, new website of your company… Whatever your special needs, we are at your side with special software solutions with programming languages such as C, .net, VB.

Join over 370 global brands on this great marketing platform!

Let your brand and products be included in the world’s largest online parts library, which has ~200,000 registered e-CAD users (increasing by over 20% every year), ~300.000 parts are searched monthly and ~110.000 parts are downloaded to be used in projects. This great opportunity, which will provide high visibility and showcase to your brand, is an easy and relatively fast process. You can contact us for detailed information.

*The aforementioned companies and/or their products are not directly related to DGA Software. The inclusion of their names here is by no means a promotional or marketing activity for the relevant companies and products, and does not aim to create any positive/negative image of the relevant companies and products.

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